This page explains how to obtain your prescriptions for regular medication without having to see your doctor each time. A record of your regular medication is held on the Practice computer system and each time you renew your prescription you will receive an updated list of all the drugs that you may re-order. You may use this list to help you re-order your prescription.
PLEASE ensure you re-order in good time, especially before a Bank Holiday, or you go on holiday.

Your request must be with us by 12 noon or it will be passed over to the next working day.

Not all medication that you have been prescribed in the past can be re-ordered as a repeat prescription. Some medication is for short-term use only, and the Doctors may wish to monitor some medication before authorising repeat prescriptions. The medication listed on the right hand side of your prescription is the only medication that the dispenser is authorised to issue.


IN PERSON � Please tick the items needed on your medication list/counterfoil and hand the list in to reception. If the counterfoil list is mislaid we can accept a written list of items, provided the patient�s name, address and date of birth is included. Your request must be with us by 12 noon or it will be passed over to the next working day.

MY HEALTH ONLINE - You can now register for MHOL through the MHOL website but this will only allow you to have access to the doctors appointments. For full access to MHOL the patient needs to come to the surgery and provide photo ID. Please ask at reception for more details.

BY POST - As above please tick items needed on counterfoil or include written list with relevant patient information.

BY FAX - As above please fax to 01633 412462.


Patients may collect prescriptions from reception, or request the prescription be collected from the pharmacy of their choice. If a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed we will be happy to mail it back to you. We suggest you contact your pharmacy directly for details of their delivery and collection service.